Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Second Storie Saturday

I only took a few pictures at the second storie indie market on Saturday. I was so engrossed in checking out the artists' work that I forgot all about taking pictures. It had so many unique artists and was so much different than your average craft show (I guess that's the "indie" part!)

There were a ton of people there. I was impressed and glad that the show got so much exposure. I look forward to maybe being a part of it next year. That is, if they like me of course. The show is juried. But there is nothing at the show like my work (there are not a lot of plush makers in Rochester in general I think)...plus I already have an artist there who is rooting for me...

My friend Rachel Baldanza was there. She was like "Your monsters should be here!" I met her through doing the First & Last: Arts & Crafts show at Spot Coffee. She makes these wonderfully whimsical paper dolls "out of the scrips and scraps of old watercolor and acrylic paintings [she's] made for years. These dolls are unique and jointed so they move around." And each doll is given their own name and personality. She gave a doll to each of the First & Last artists the first show she did with us. I still have mine. His name is Cedric. Go ahead and check out her etsy shop.
A table with fun felty stuff. I love how a lot of the vendors used vintage-y looking items to display their various wares. Like the books in the above picture. Many people had vintage wooden boxes/crates as well. (I LOVE wooden boxes/crates!) I liked how Rachel displayed her paper dolls on a clothesline with cool metal supports...but I think I've decided that when I do my clothesline display, I'll do it with wood...preferably rustic, log-looking wood.

Here is the front "welcome" table...

I heart handmade!

Then Mom and I went to Brugger's for lunch...

(wow...pink scarf with green top...holy bright colors! I've come a long way from borderline goth girl in black & red!)

Turkey sandwich on a garlic bagel with mayo, lettuce, cucumber, and alfalfa sprouts...mmmmmmm! Best...sandwich...ever!

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