Monday, November 4, 2013

Mayday Underground November 2013

Some photos from Mayday Underground...

1. Me wearing a domino necklace I got from a trade with cloud9jewels
2. Another artist trade.  Traded a fox for a fox with PeachesProducts!
3. The owners of "Andy the Traveling Nubbin" visited and showed me pictures of Andy's most recent trip to Sweden and Finland.
4. Moustache Nubbins
5. This girl comes every year to Mayday and wears this awesome shirt!
6. A One-Eye Nubbin finds a home in the pocket of a happy customer.
7. "Gertie" plays with my hat.
8. "Sergeant Waffles" with his new friend!
9. Cool Doctor Who themed stuff from Cat Clay and Papersaurus Creative.