Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas in Medina 2010

Here are some pictures from the "Christmas in Medina" event I did Thanksgiving weekend...

Thank God for sandbags. Without them my tent may have been turned into a humongous kite. (It was pretty windy early on in the day)

My wonderful , helpful husband (and Luna!)

Luna hung out on the chair while we talked with customers.

There was a parade in the evening. I watched it from the tailgate of our truck. I've never been to a parade at night before. It was pretty cool.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

KiraArts Demographics According to Facebook

I was looking at the "Insights" from my KiraArts Facebook page and came across my demographics. I think they're pretty interesting. (You can click on the pic to enlarge it if it's too small)

Apparently I'm most popular with 24-34 year old women...which I suppose makes sense since I am a 24-34 year old woman...and I make stuff that I like! I often have a bit of a hard time parting with some of the creatures I make! I want to keep them for myself!

And I found out that I have fans in 5 other countries besides the US!...including India and Kuwait! Wow! Right now I only ship within the US, but I may have to consider doing international shipping at some point!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy 4 Year Anniversary KiraArts!

While looking through my photos of my early sock monsters a few weeks ago, I realized that November marks the 4 year anniversary that I've been making monsters! I wasn't calling myself KiraArts back then...I hadn't even thought of creating a business and selling my monsters back then...but that's when it all started.

The picture above shows the first 3 sock monsters I ever made (the rainbow one was the very first). The date it says this picture was taken is November 27th, 2006. I don't know if I made the monsters on that day, or if I just took the picture on that day. But since that's the date I have, I've decided that today marks the 4 year anniversary that I've been making sock monsters! Yaaaaaaaay!

My 25-year-old brother is the owner of the camo monster (which he still keeps in his truck...seen in the picture above). The blue stripey one resides with Evan, my friend's oldest son, who is now 13. But I can't remember who ended up with the rainbow one. How sad that I can't remember where my first monster ended up. I'm sure I gave it to one of the kids at church. That's where my monsters all ended up in those days.

After making those first 3 monsters, I just couldn't stop! And 3 days later those 3 monsters had multiplied into 10. And the rest is history. I always make sure I take a picture of every monster I make (Excluding Nubbins). One of these days I am going to have to go through my pictures and count how many individual monsters I've made.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My Mini Monster from LEFTZ!

My Mini Monster from LEFTZ came in the mail yesterday! It was a welcome little pick-me-up, since I've been sick this week.

I think I'll name him Boris. (don't ask me was just a random funny name that popped into my head). He was made from repurposed material from a turquoise faux fur pillow.. I just love him! Turquoise has become my new favorite color in the past few years. And my screenname for years has been blufuzzymonster (brownie points if you can guess why!).

LEFTZ (aka: ArtTales...aka: Mary) is one of my newest favorite plush artists. I blogged about her before back when she was doing a giveaway. I got this Mini Monster as a trade.

I traded a Silly Emoti-Nubbin for the Mini Monster. This was my first trade with an Etsy artist who was not local (she's based in Pennsylvania). All my other trades have been with local artists and fellow RNEST members. Trading with other artists is so great! I really love it.

He now has a space on the shelf in my craft room, next to my little owl from Peaches Products (which was also a trade). The other critters on the shelf are my own works that I did not want to part with.

Monday, November 15, 2010

These shoes are too big!

Okay...I just HAD to share the cuteness!

CJ and I were having dinner at our friends' house last week, and at one point we look over and our friends' youngest daughter is trying on CJ's size 13 shoes!

Um... I think they're a little too big for you sweetpea!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rainbow Sweater Arm Monster

Here's another stripey sweater arm monster! I finished this guy during MayDay Underground, so I had to photograph him at the show before I put him out. No one wanted to take him home though, so I'll be listing him in the Etsy shop soon.

I love the colors in this sweater! It was another thrift store find. Sometimes I feel bad for buying these sweaters just to cut them up, because I feel like I'm depriving some poor girl from getting to wear such a happy, colorful sweater! But it's a feeling that I get over when I see the finished monster! I started out making sock monsters, but I think I enjoy making the sweater monsters the most now.

I've gone back to using my old fuzzy lips technique. I love using this fuzzy sock material because the fuzziness hides the stitches.

Don't you love his crazy-colored eyes? :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010!

I'm pleased to announce that I now have the web domain name!

So now, if you type into your web browser, it will take you directly to my Etsy shop. And in addition to obtaining the web domain for me, my computer genius husband also made me some nifty now I have some easy-to-remember links for the blog and Facebook page.

Blog -
Facebook Page - (whereI just broke the 100 fan mark!)

Sometime in the future, I'm hoping to have direct to its own website with links to the Etsy shop, blog, and Facebook page.

Stripey Sam

This is Stripey Sam. He's made out of the arm of a wonderfully stripey orange sweater I bought from my local thrift store for 50 cents on half-price day (the 4th Monday of the month).

Orange sweaters make such great monsters! And stripey sweaters make great monsters too!

The great thing is that I still have another arm and the body of the sweater to make Sam some stripey siblings!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Bertha

This is Big Bertha. She's made out of a sparkly, fuchsia sweater and a pair of long stripey gloves. Her head is the turtleneck of the sweater and her hands are (obviously) the gloves. My Grandma gave me the yarn I used for the hair.

I should make a tutu to put on her. I picture her as wanting to be a ballerina. She reminds me of this girl I used to know when I was in a community theater group, who was a big, plus-sized girl, but she was a great dancer!

Guest Blogger for RNEST!

I'm the new guest blogger on the RNEST blog! The person who did their "Trash to Treasure Tuesday" posts couldn't do it anymore, so I am now doing "Treasury Tuesdays".
Go check it out!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Timers...

I am always amused at how attached I get to some of my monsters. And there are some of them have been around since my early days of sock monster making. When the "old timers"get sold, I get so happy. It's so funny and ridiculous that I get so happy that these sock monsters have finally found a home. Here are two monsters that were sold this weekend that are from the early days...the days before I even had a sewing machine, so they are completely hand-sewn.

Goodbye rainbow Fish-Dog!

Goodbye pink spotted Lion Fish-Cat! I always loved your sparkly green button eyes. I wish I had more buttons like those.

This is a picture from the early days (January of 2007 to be exact). Now that the rainbow Fish-Dog and Pink Fish-Cat have been sold, all the monsters in this picture are either sold, or I have kept them for myself! I kept a lot of my early creations. They are so hard to part with! Can you guess which ones I've kept? (I'll give you a hint...I kept 4 of them...and one of them was made by my husband.)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

MayDay Underground (November 2010)

I had the privilege of being a vendor at the Fall edition of the MayDay Underground Crafts + Art show at the Village Gate in Rochester yesterday. I went to the first Mayday Underground event as a shopper, but when I heard they were doing a fall show, I applied as a vendor. I had a great time and it's the most successful craft show I've had to date! With over 50 vendors, it's also the biggest show I've ever done. I'm looking forward to the next MayDay show in May 2011!

This first picture (above) is one CJ took with his phone after I had everything all set up, but before the show started.

This picture is one that was taken halfway through the day. Notice how many monsters are gone?

I didn't think I would have room for my big trunk I brought to my last show, so I brought one of my smaller ones. It turns out that I could have brought the big one because one of the vendors that was supposed to be next to me wasn't able to come, so we were encouraged to spread out to make it less obvious that there was an empty spot. I was disappointed the vendor didn't show up, because I was looking forward to buying from her. She's a soap and perfume maker. I bought some of her roll-on perfume last year, and recently purchased from her Etsy shop when my first bottle ran out.

The show was Luau I made a Hula Nubbin. I finished it up during the show and after I put it out for sale on the table, it wasn't long before someone snapped it up!

There was also a local professional hula dancer that performed. She actually taught a dance to some members of the audience.

I liked the space for this show even better than the last one. It was very nice and open. There are more pictures on the MayDay Underground Flickr set.

I didn't take as many pictures at this show because I ended up being so busy! There was always a pretty steady flow of traffic at my booth, and I was making lots of sales. I did get to walk around a little bit to see the other vendors and fellow RNESTers while my lovely hubby manned the booth for me, but I never really got a chance to shop (because I didn't want to make CJ run the booth for me for too long). I kind of feel bad that I didn't end up buying anything from any of the other vendors though...because a lot of the other vendors ended up buying stuff from me!

But's time for me to sew like crazy for the next two weeks and build up my inventory before my next show on November 27th, Christmas in Medina.