Friday, November 12, 2010

Rainbow Sweater Arm Monster

Here's another stripey sweater arm monster! I finished this guy during MayDay Underground, so I had to photograph him at the show before I put him out. No one wanted to take him home though, so I'll be listing him in the Etsy shop soon.

I love the colors in this sweater! It was another thrift store find. Sometimes I feel bad for buying these sweaters just to cut them up, because I feel like I'm depriving some poor girl from getting to wear such a happy, colorful sweater! But it's a feeling that I get over when I see the finished monster! I started out making sock monsters, but I think I enjoy making the sweater monsters the most now.

I've gone back to using my old fuzzy lips technique. I love using this fuzzy sock material because the fuzziness hides the stitches.

Don't you love his crazy-colored eyes? :)

1 comment:

anti snore said...

Waw,fantastic monster.Really wonderful this rainbow monster.