Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Recap

Recap pictures from our trip to Cleveland to visit CJ's family for Christmas...

1. The Angola rest stop on the I-90 Thruway. The rest stop is actually in the median of the eastbound and westbound lanes. There are parking lots on each side and bridges over the roads going to the building in the middle that has the bathrooms, McDonald's, coffee shop, and gift shop. I always like standing in the middle of the bridge and watching the cars go under. (There was a dad and his 2 little girls waving to the oncoming cars and seeing how many people waved back. It was cute!)
2. "Welcome To Ohio!"  We always stop at the Ohio Visitor Center on our way to Cleveland...usually because all of us could use a bathroom break (including the dog!)!
3. I was bored and decided to take pictures of the pretty, snow covered trees on the side of the road we we were driving, and I happened to capture this picture of an old barn.
4. My niece Rayne and the Barn Owl Nubbins I gave her.
5. My Christmas present from CJ...a necklace with a vintage key with a handmade glass bead from my friend Francesca DeCaire, who makes cool jewelry with lampwork glass. (check out her Etsy shop!)
6. My niece, Maria, with the flower hair clip that I made out of hot pink guitar picks
7. CJ watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special with the crochet blanket his sister made for him for Christmas.
8. My niece, Taylor, with a Ninja Nubbin I gave her.
9. Owl spoon necklace from Sunshyne Silverwear that I gave to Rayne (check out Sunshyne Silverwear on Etsy!).

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013