Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vote for me in the RNEST October Team Challenge!

I entered my new Dapper Moustache Disguise Nubbin into the RNEST Team Challenge for October!  

The theme is "In Disguise". Please go to the RNEST blog and vote for me in the poll in the right sidebar. (as usual, you don't have to register for anything in order to vote!) Voting ends this Saturday at midnight! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Make-It Monday!: Fox Stamp

As a continuation of my stamp-making frenzy last week...I got the idea to make a fox stamp from this post I found via Pinterest.  (*I just looked at the actual post for the first time...I didn't even realize she made her stamp the same way I did!  I thought she carved it out of a stamp-carving block from looking at the Pinterest image!)

I used a hole-punch for the eyes...that's why they're so big and perfect and round.

Real graffiti?'s really just a book!

The book is called "Tag This! A Doodle Book".  It has photos of different urban environments that you can unleash your inner graffiti artist on and doodle to your hearts content!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's-On-My-Worktable Wednesday: DIY Stamps

For tomorrow's homeschooler art class, I'm teaching the kids about stamps and letterboxing. I've made stamps with kids craft foam sheets before, but not the sticky-backed kind. I've always used hot glue. But I can't exactly let 6 and 7 year olds loose with hot glue guns... I'm pretty sure that's a recipe for disaster. And I find regular white glue is useless for anything but paper when dealing with impatient children. So I decided to get the sticky-back foam sheets to make life easier. As for the base of the stamps, I'm using wooden toy building blocks. I have a strange love affair with building blocks, and I can never resist buying a gallon ziplock bag of them for 50 cents from the toy section of my local thrift store, so I have plenty of blocks to spare! I also recycle the plastic spools when my thread runs out. I've used those before to make button stamps.

(I obviously will not be letting the children use X-acto knives tomorrow either!  I will be letting them use the stamps I've made though.)

I can't take all the credit for this project idea.  I got the idea for the buildings from this library book "Show Me A Story".  It's a cute book.  I recommend it.