Friday, March 22, 2013

Blue Belly Monster

This guy is my new favorite monster. I really think I might keep him for myself! 

I used some new techniques I learned from "Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures", but modified them for sweaters. I've done a couple monsters with fingers before, but this is the first time I've done the technique for the belly. (Well, technically it's the second time... I did one monster right before this one where I tried doing the belly, but it came out off-center.)

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The sprinkle-ear Bunny Nubbins come in 3 different "flavors" for the ears..."Mint" (green), "Strawberry" (pink), and "Blueberry" (blue).

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Parrot Nubbins for "Tropical Paradise" RNEST Team Challenge

I came up with a Parrot Nubbin design back in January, but I only made one and sold it not long after I made it.  So I never had an opportunity to take any "official" photos of it.  The only photo I had was an Instagram photo that I posted in a "Worktable Wednesday" blog post (and if you look closely on that picture, you can tell the stuffing hole wasn't even stitched up yet).
But the theme for this month's Team Challenge on the RNEST blog is "Tropical Paradise", and I remembered that parrot design.  So that gave me a reason to make some more Parrot Nubbins and make a listing on Etsy!
By the way, you can go to the RNEST Blog and vote for my parrot!  The poll is at the top of the right-hand column (I'm the last choice).  You don't need to register or anything...just click your choice and then click "vote" to submit your vote!

The original Parrot Nubbin was blue, but I made a green variety as well.
(I'd like to do some research and maybe do a red macaw version.  That might be a challenge, but I can probably do it!)

I dismantled a fake houseplant to stage these photos.  It was one of the only "tropical" looking plants I had around.  I do have a fake bamboo tree that we keep in the corner of our living room, but that was a little too big and awkward to move. (it doesn't get very good photography friendly natural light where it is)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Nubbin Photos!

Here are the "official" new Nubbin photos I'm using for my Etsy Listings!

I'm really enjoying how they are all looking together in the shop!  And I like that I get to include the whole bunting trend without resorting to the usual triangle pennant bunting.  And I get to use my spools! (yes, crazy wooden spool obsession)
I've had a couple people suggest I switch to a white background, but I am reluctant to go in that direction.  I am a bit attached to the wood background.  I like the look of it and it fits my style.  I like the warm, cozy, vintage feel of the wood.  Plus, SO many people on Etsy use white background... and I want to be different.

I took this screencap (above) of some results of an Etsy search I did for "recycled plush monsters" to see how my work compared to others.  And I feel like my item stands out. (I'm tempted to think that's just because I am biased, but I posted the above picture and asked my friends on Facebook if my item was eye-catching compared to the others, and everyone agreed it was.  Of course, it's possible my friends may be biased too!)
Whatever though...I must be doing something right.  Because I've actually been getting Etsy sales lately!  Uusually, my Etsy sales are a bit slow (I typically make more sales at craft shows), but my online sales have been picking up lately.  I'd like to think it's all the updating and improvements I've been doing.

A peek at my setup in the guestroom.  
The twine is just held up by push-pins on either side of the crates.  The right end of the string is just wound around the push-pin so it is easily removable.  This is I can switch out the spools to coordinate the thread colors to the colors of whatever item I am photographing.  My only issue is the end of the thread unraveling off the spool sometimes.  I'm thinking of just using a little glue to stick the ends down, since I won't be using the thread for anything else.  The vintage thread isn't really good for sewing with, since it is so old and can break easily.  But at least it looks pretty on the spools!