Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's-On My-Worktable Wednesday: Parrot Nubbin

In the literal cat is what is on my worktable today! 

I'm convinced Terra thinks she's "helping".

She decided the shelf was a better spot to lounge.

This is what has actually been on my worktable.  I came up with a new Nubbin design...a parrot!  Similar to my Owl Nubbins, but with a different beak design and a rounded head.
I brought this prototype to the RNEST meeting on Monday night to submit it to a critique.  I ended up not bringing it home, because my friend, Amanda (of BeadworkByAmanda) wanted to buy it from me on the spot!  I found out that she collects parrots.

Don't worry, I am planning on making more...and in other colors! (any color suggestions?)  I'll post an update when I have them listed in the shop!

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