Monday, January 7, 2013

Custom Request: Viking Nubbin

I had a customer request this Viking Nubbin for her son-in-law for Christmas.  I was so busy in December (with craft shows, custom requests, handmade gifts for family, all while having an injured ankle) that I forgot to blog about it. I need to blog about a lot of other things I made in December too.
I really liked how he came out and definitely want to make more.  I've already had a friend request me to make a blond one.

This is the first "bearded" Nubbin I've made in a long time.  I think it was the second one I've ever made.  It's a far cry from the first bearded Nubbin I made...which was a Santa Nubbin back in 2009 (that looks so horrible to me now compared to this!)

I liked adding some "viking-y" touches to photograph the Nubbin with.  My husband had this big horn with fur on it (he's had it for years and I forgot where he got it from) and I have a "drinking horn" I got from a Renaissance festival, as well as some leather pouches that I used as background elements for my photos.  I think I've mentioned before...i have a ridiculous amount of enjoyment out of staging my Etsy photos.

A peek at the beginnings... preliminary cut pieces and my original sketch.

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