Friday, September 26, 2014

Etsy Favorite Friday: Spool Stool, Tailor's Gauntlet, & Yeti Head

It's Etsy Favorite Friday ! 

This week's Etsy finds are some amazing items that I really love, but can't justify spending the money on myself! (Although the Tailor's Gauntlet may be a justifiable splurge, since it would come in handy for sewing on the go! It's a business expense...yeah...that's it!)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Artist Row 2014

Artist Row is an annual craft fair they have at the Rochester Public Market.  It's held on a Sunday, since the regular farmer's market is on Saturday.  This was my first time ever doing Artist Row.  My friend John from RNEST has been trying to get me to do it for years, but there was always some reason I couldn't do it.  But this year, I took the plunge...and was glad I did!

I've started saying "You know it's a good show when I don't have time to take a lot of pictures!" That means I had a lot of customers and sales and was kept pretty busy!  I made a little sign for this show to encourage people to take pictures and tag me on Instagram.

Technically, it's proper etiquette at a craft show to ask the artist if you can take pictures of their work. Some artists don't like people to take pictures of their booth or their work, because they're paranoid that people will steal their ideas/designs. I can understand this if they are a photographer or painter. I've heard stories of people taking a photo of someone's work at a show, and then printing it out at home to frame instead of buying a print from the artist.  I agree...that's pretty shady.  But there are other artists, like jewelers, who are afraid that the people will go home and try to make the item themselves... or worse, make it and start selling it.
 But I personally don't give in to that kind of paranoia.  I'm secure enough in my work that I know no one can make my stuff exactly like I do.  And if I can encourage people to make stuff, I'm glad to!  Sure... if someone started making and selling my Nubbin design, I probably wouldn't be too happy.  But I don't want to let that fear make me into one of those people who forbids picture taking.  And if someone wants to make something for their personal use... I don't care! Besides, sometimes when people try to make stuff themselves, they realize just how much hard work it is and that it's just easier to buy it!

And... I love seeing the pictures that people take of my stuff at shows!  Sometimes (like at Artist Row) I don't get a lot of time to take pictures myself.  Plus,  I consider it free promotion if they share them! I encourage people to share pictures on social media and tag me.  As long as I'm credited, I'm happy!