Monday, April 27, 2009

RIP Chick Nubbin

I got this sad, yet humorously written message via Etsy conversation from Tallbike concerning his Chick Nubbin...

"Is there any chance you still have any of the chicks left? My puppy soon to be dog Patches got ours and there was only stuffing left. We are sad. The chick is now with the Denim Dude who only lasted two days. Some how Patches eats everything but the stuffing. Nubbins are now in a secret local under protective custody with Plush Bureau of Investigation. Having a replacement will help ease the pain of the other Nubbins. One of them will not stop crying. Another is red with anger.
Thank You"

Those last two sentences refer to two of the Emoti-Nubbins. This was my reply...

"Please express my deepest condolences to the surviving Nubbins and tell them they will have some new friends soon...including a replacement chick Nubbin."

Rest in pieces Chick Nubbin...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crazy-Eyed, Spotted Elder Galliwumpf

Here's another Elder Galliwumpf! But this one is like the fun, crazy uncle of the Galliwumpf family! The other Elder Galliwumpfs are always telling him to grow up, but the younger Galliwumpfs think he's the coolest ever!

I love how the double buttons on one eye make him look crazy!
Don't you guys love it when I have a craft show? I finish lots of new monsters and then have lots of updates for you with the spare time I have while I wait for people to buy things! (I've made two sales tonight so far...not bad)

Blue & Purple Elder Galliwumpf

I both love and loathe when I make a monster I think is so adorable, that it's hard to part with. I REALLY like this little guy! It almost makes me sad to put him out on my table to be sold!

It looks like he's got a big fuzzy beard. I sewed him in the Galliwumpf style...but with a slight difference that results in that moustache look. Maybe I'll call him an Elder Galliwumpf.
I was originally thinking that the moustache part would be a lip from which the purple tongue is prodruding. But once I sewed it up...I think it looks like he has a beard and moustache. What do you think?

He coordinates with my purple outfit today! ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Finished Earth Day Nubbin

I just finished the Earth Day Nubbin (a couple days late...I know).
It's listed in my shop...but sorry, it's reserved for Tallbike. I can always make more though!

Can you see South America?...or is it Africa? Give me a break!...continents are hard to recreate in felt!

Happy Etsy Day!

Hey hey hey!...Apparantly it's Etsy Day!
(I wish I'd known about it sooner!...I would have promoted it more!)

So go support your local Etsyians! me! ;)

Zippers & Tongues

I'm sitting at Spot Coffee at First & Last: Arts & Crafts...hoping for a sale by the end of the night (it's been pretty slow so far).

I finished up a new monster while I was here...

SURPRISE! He has a tongue!
The tongue was actually an afterthought. I'd set him out on my table after I was finished with him, and later, after I'd finished up another monster and was putting it out on the table, I looked at my zippermouth guy and thought "He needs a tongue!"

"Say Ahhhhh!"...I felt like I was doing oral surgery!

If no one buys him tonight, I'll be listing him in my Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh...It's Earth Day?

Oh...hey...apparantly it's Earth Day. I knew it was this month...but I didn't know it was today. How clueless am I? Is THAT why the network logos (namely NBC & Sci-Fi Channel) are green this week? I found out through my daily blog surfing (well...not so daily lately).

So, in honor of Earth's a sneak peek at a new Nubbin design! (Thanks to Brandi for the suggestion/inspiration!)
And here's my latest recycled monster! He's made out of the pocket of a pair of kids' pants a friend gave me. I love using zippers for mouths!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Fellow Monstermakers: Zany by Zani

I came across Zany by Zani through The Needle. She's Italian (but thankfully writes in English on her blog) and is living in Spain. I like her monsters because they remind me of my more recent recycled monsters...but definitely different and with their own style.

You can check out her etsy shop here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Custom Inverse Luv Nubbins

Sorry I haven't been posting anything new, but I've been busy and now the "ick" that's infected everyone close to me (friends, friends' kids, my parents, my husband) has finally caught up with me.'s a quick picture of some custom Nubbins I just sent out this morning to Texas...

A girl ordered them and is keeping the purple Nubbin and giving the black one to her boyfriend...a scenario which my husband guessed before I said anything.

"Let me guess...a girl ordered them and is giving one to her boyfriend?"...

"How did you know?"...

"Only girls do that kind of thing!" ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

On My Desk...

I continued the ongoing epic battle with my craft area this past week. I made some progress...mostly with a section of my desk. It still could use some work...but I took some pretty pictures...

I got this idea for using a vintage glass juicer to hold buttons from the Princess Lasertron blog. I just happened to have this gorgeous colbalt blue one that looks beautiful with an assortment of blue buttons.

Salvaged drawers on their sides used as as shelves.

Yay for pretty-colored semi-organized chaos!

More Recycled Monsters

New sweater monster. The heart is from sweatshirt material.

And new corduroy scrap patchwork monster. The heart is cut from a sock.

These two are going to Moonflower this week. But if someone really wants one (or both) of them...shoot me a comment/email and we can work something out!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yay for Free Press!

First & Last is getting some free press lately! YAY!

There's a news article here at our local newspaper's website, and my sources say one of the local news stations shot a segment yesterday...

"RNews came by Spot today and filmed a little segment outside about the craft show and this will be airing on saturday and News 10's PatMagonigal will be announcing the show on air through out theweekend!"

I wish I was doing the show tonight!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wilburt the T-Shirt Scrap Monster

Here's a T-shirt scrap monster that's still available in the shop (so far...)!

I named him Wilburt. His back-story is that he "was found in an abandoned washing machine. He likes to explore laundry baskets in search of others like him. He hasn't found any yet, but he isn't giving up!"
He's one of my favorites so far. I love the blue-brown-grey color combination, the mismatched button eyes, and the T-shirt collar that looks like his bottom lip! That bottom lip thing was a happy accident. I was originally going to add teeth, but then decided that it looked good as-is. I'm not sure if I could do that again if I tried!

Vegas-bound Recycled Monsters!

No sooner were these monsters made and listed on Etsy that they were snapped up...and they are now on their way to Vegas!

Introducing Denim Dude...a simple little guy meant to stand up to the rigorous play and chewing of pets and babies alike (but no toy is indestructable!) I'm curious how well this guy will hold up in his new home, since I think it was bought for a dog. And the one I made for Luna...well let's just say it's been stashed in the cabinet of dog toy triage. But The one I made for Luna was a thinner, stretch-denim...this Denim Dude is made out of different pair of jeans that seems sturdier.
I also made (and sent) two Recycled Nubbins...
I've been making a lot of recycled monsters lately in continued attempts to use up my scraps of old clothes before I move this summer. The first two monsters shown above were made out of denim, the third was made out of sweatshirt material. I like how the red sweatshirt material looks inside-out. I don't think I've used it right side out yet! It's just so fuzzy looking!