Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vegas-bound Recycled Monsters!

No sooner were these monsters made and listed on Etsy that they were snapped up...and they are now on their way to Vegas!

Introducing Denim Dude...a simple little guy meant to stand up to the rigorous play and chewing of pets and babies alike (but no toy is indestructable!) I'm curious how well this guy will hold up in his new home, since I think it was bought for a dog. And the one I made for Luna...well let's just say it's been stashed in the cabinet of dog toy triage. But The one I made for Luna was a thinner, stretch-denim...this Denim Dude is made out of different pair of jeans that seems sturdier.
I also made (and sent) two Recycled Nubbins...
I've been making a lot of recycled monsters lately in continued attempts to use up my scraps of old clothes before I move this summer. The first two monsters shown above were made out of denim, the third was made out of sweatshirt material. I like how the red sweatshirt material looks inside-out. I don't think I've used it right side out yet! It's just so fuzzy looking!

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The Mystery Rider said...

The Denim Dude is for Patches. Here is a little video of her with her last toy. It did not last a day.