Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Denim Monster Dog Toy

Here is a denim monster toy for da puppy that I whipped up from an old pair of jeans yesterday. She loves playing with stuffed toys...chewing them, playing fetch with them, playing tug of war with them, whipping them around like it's a small animal whose neck she's trying to break...but they wear out very fast and/or have to be repaired often so she won't eat the stuffing. Because I'm sure polyfill isn't very good for puppy tummies...(although it probably won't seriously hurt her...I still don't think it'd be good for her little digestive system). I thought that a denim toy might last longer.

Luna loves it when we give her a new toy! And she's such a good girl...she only chews what she knows are her toys (except for the ocassional demolishing of tissue or napkins). Although I did catch her trying to snatch one of my Nubbins once. But usually, she's very good. No chewing shoes or eating socks or anything like that.
Unfortunately, despite my assurance that making this toy out of denim would make it more durable and would last longer against her little teeth...I was wrong...(although it was a thinner, I'll try again with another kind)

Yep...she chewed a hole in the arm already and I have to take it away from her until I get around to fixing it.

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The Mystery Rider said...

Let me know if you find something that holds up. I have 9 month old Pup that eats thought all of her toys. Put me on the waiting list for one.