Saturday, January 17, 2009

On My Desk...

So...I'll read some blogs that occasionally have a "on my desk" post. Well, here's a glimpse into mine. This week I've been in the process of slightly overhauling my side of our craft room/office. I've been wanting to clean up/switch things up for a while...kind of my unofficial New Year's resolution for myself. But this week's overhaul was really sparked by this awesome old-school chest of drawers Rachel gave me.
She'd obtained it from Freecycle, thinking it was a trunk she could put blankets in, but when she picked it up, it wasn't what she'd expected, plus it ended up being bigger than she'd expected. She had no room for it, but thought it looked like something I'd like. Does my friend know me or what? :)

My favorite part is those little drawers in the middle. They're perfect for storing my rubber stamps!
I don't know if it's just the newly obtained drawers or what, but I'm finding that I'm leaning toward a vintage-y feel decor-wise in my craft room. It reminds me of a look that an early 1900's/late 1800's British researcher or scientist would have in their office. It makes me think of Arthur Spiderwick in Spiderwick Chronicles or Helen Magnus in Sanctuary, but with more of a an artsy flavor rather than science-y. I love using old things like mason jars and cigar boxes to store my supplies.

I also like things like this old Blue Willow tumbler that I keep my paintbrushes in.

A project I did in a graphic design class in college. The project was to use my first initial x4 arranged into a design. Do you see the "K"? I think the overall design looks either like an hourglass or a scarab/ladybug. Kind of a Rorshach test (ie: inkblot test).

The "I heart handmade" postcard from second storie that I found in the ladies room at JoAnne Fabrics (I was bummed that I found it a day too late to go to the event!). It's tucked in with some cardstock scraps in a wood cigar box a friend gave me back when I was in college.

A Crayola collecter's tin atop some pretty hardcover books.

I'll try to remember to post more pictures once I get things better situated and organized. Most of the room is still a mess. And not a delightfully quaint kind of mess either.


shanna said...

so sweet to see our old postcard on your desk! we hope you can make it out to our summer event in buffalo!

Anonymous said...

that chest of drawers is a real find - I'm actually shopping for something just like it!