Monday, January 19, 2009

CPSIA Article on

Here's another article about the CPSIA. This one is from Forbes! Isn't that a popular fancy-schmancy business magazine?

"it passed the Senate 89 to three and the House by 424 to one, with Ron Paul the lone dissenter"
I think it's kind of funny that Ron Paul was the one dissenter when this law got approved. I know my husband liked him for a reason!

Oh, and for anyone who hasn't heard, (from the Handmade Toy Alliance)...

"'Save Small Business from the CPSIA' is now one of the top ten ideas for change in America on These ideas were presented to President-elect Obama's team at a press event in Washington DC this past Friday, January 16th. With 12,280 votes from supporters, our issue is now part of a campaign to increase national awareness of the lack of provisions for small business in HR4040, the CPSIA, and bring about positive changes to the law..."

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