Monday, January 5, 2009

More CPSIA Stuff...and deep thoughts

Yay! One of my local news stations (channel 8) did a story tonight on the CPSIA's impact on small business handmade toymakers... "new law could hurt handmade toymakers".

I sent an email to channel 13 a few weeks ago, but I'm glad at least one of the local stations decided to do a story on it!

I am #934 to vote on the petition on the site. ("This idea is currently in 8th Place and is in position to be part of the final 10 ideas presented at our event in Washington, DC ") I've gone back and forth on whether to actually vote. I don't usually put very much faith in the government (I try to rather pour most, if not all of my faith into God)...but if they started this, they need to fix it. It's a cause I care about...not to mention that it directly effects me.

I suppose whatever ends up happening is what God wants to happen, and He has a reason for it that ultimately works out "for the good of those who love Him".

I don't know whether I voted or not really matters...but it made me feel better for the time being. But I want to have enough faith to believe that maybe one prayer can be stronger than a million votes...

Politics naturally wars with faith...we end up putting our hope in men when we should put it fully in God.

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Melissa said...

yeah. God is kinda cool. I enjoy having him in my life. And putting my faith into him. :D