Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spot Craft Show & Fellow Artists

I had a planning meeting at Spot Coffee last night for the Art/Craft show that's going to be there at the end of the month. The dates are Friday, January 30th - Sunday, February 1st and Friday, February 6th - Sunday February 8th. The show is on from 5:00pm-10:00pm. I will be there both weekends, on Friday and Saturday.

I was a few minutes late and missed most of the introductions, so I tried to make a point afterwards of asking the other artists their names and what they did. I ended up talking for a while with this nice, outgoing girl named Rachael about what kind of art she does and also telling her what I do. She does sketches, paintings, and these cool little jointed paper dolls. Go check out her Etsy shop.
I had brought a couple monsters with me to show if anyone wanted to see a physical representation of what I do. I showed her one of the Nubbins and she asked what I charge for each of them. I told her I sell them for $5 ...and she asked if she could buy the one I brought!
She said she's going to send it to her niece. Yay!...making children happy! I was asked by a couple people if I had kids and if I started making my monsters for them. I told them that I didn't have any kids of my own, but that every single kid at church has at least one monster!
Oh!...and the Toy Drop Nubbin that I never heard about anyone finding?...the people who work at Spot found it and I was told it resides in the office now! I knew that someone had to have found it! That makes me happy!


The Mystery Rider said...

Good luck. Don't forget to take pictures of the show. I wish I could go. How many of the nubbins don't get listed on your etsy site? I like the color of the one Rachael is holding.

have a great show


Kira said...

Oh I have lots of Nubbins I haven't gotten around to posting on Etsy. Mostly because I was saving them to put into the shop I'm consigning to (Moonflower Handmade Gallery). But now I'm saving them for the Spot show (which I'll be sure to take pictures of!).