Friday, January 30, 2009

The View From Here

Spot has wi-fi and I brought my laptop! all you loyal bloggie lurkers get play-by-play updates on all the action! Well...except for there's really not that much action...hence why I have time to blog about the lack of action.
It's a rather small show...about 6 artisans icluding myself. And it's been kind of slow...I've only made 2 sales so far...a One-Eyed Cat and one Luv Nubbin. But, it's only the first I'm told the art show they did last year with Second Storie (the one I have the postcard from) was slower on Friday, then Saturday it picked I'm also told things pick up later in the night.

The view from my table.

The other artisans talking about the CPSIA (as well as my uber-huggable Sweater Monster). A lot of them hadn't heard about it...but now they're just as up in arms about it as I am. A lot of people keep asking me "Can't you just label them as not being for children?" (because as adults, they love them too!). But I keep having to explain that the law is too broadly written to know for sure. I've heard some people suggest a disclaimer labeling items as collectables or "art dolls", but I've also heard that doing that won't work, since it is still seen as a toy (and everyone knows that toys are ONLY for children!)~extreme sarcasm~

And other than blogging, I'm passing the time with sewing Nubbins with my good friend The Doctor (ie: watching "Doctor Who" on the iPod).

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