Monday, January 28, 2013

Sorting Yarn...

This afternoon, I sorted through all the yarn that I brought home from Grandma's house.

I sorted this huge pile into two groups... donate and keep.

Terra displaying a great amount of self-control while I ball up some of the yarn.

The yarn in the bags is what I'm giving away/donating.  I separated it into the bags by color to make it easier for whoever goes through it.  I am meeting up with someone tomorrow who wants to go through it.   On Saturday, I'll bring what is left to a craft party at a friend's house.  And after that, I'll donate whatever is left to Craft Bits & Pieces.

And this is what I decided to keep.

I'll use a lot of this to make the crochet hearts and some flowers.  I'm also thinking of making a yarn scrap blanket at some point.

I actually might add to the little crochet blanket I got from the thrift store awhile back (the one Terra is laying on)

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