Sunday, January 27, 2013

Custom Item: Minion Nubbins

I made these special "Despicable Me" inspired "Minion Nubbins" as a gift for the adorable daughter and new son of some dear friends of mine. 

I had the idea to make these back in December and planned on making them as a surprise, belated Christmas present...since I knew my friend's daughter loves "Despicable Me".  But then I received an invitation to a baby shower (which was today) and so they became a shower gift instead (along with one of my infant-sized monster ear hats).  I wanted to make 2 Minions, one with one eye and one with two one was for Mollie and one was for baby Mikey.

Here is the original sketch I did in December.

The pupil and "reflection" in the eyes are hand-embroidered.  The mouths are hand-embroidered too.

I watched the movie while sewing to gain inspiration, of course!

My friend, Julie, loved them, and her husband wants me to make one for him to keep on his desk in his office.  I'm sure I'll get many more requests (especially after this blog post).  I gave out a few business cards at the shower today as well.  I tried to get a good picture of Mollie with hers, but she was distracted and excited by all the people around.

*I am willing to re-create these, but will do so by custom request only.  You can contact me via Etsy convo to make a request.

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