Thursday, January 10, 2013

RNEST January Team Challenge:"A Visit To Middle Earth"

I made this Gandalf-inspired Wizard Nubbin for the RNEST Challenge for January.  The theme for this month was "A Visit To Middle Earth" inspired by the recent film release of "The Hobbit" (which I thought was amazing, by the way!)
I'd love it if you would pop over to the RNEST blog to vote for me!  (no registration is required!)

I had originally wanted to make a Hobbit Nubbin for this challenge, but I had forgotten about it until the day of the deadline, so I needed something with a simpler design, so I decided to do a Wizard Nubbin based on Gandalf.

The coolest thing is how fast this sold on Etsy!  I listed it the night before the blog post would be published.  The next day, the RNEST blog post had been up for less than an hour before one of my newest fans purchased it.  That really made my day!

After doing  this Wizard Nubbin and the Viking Nubbin, I am growing fond of making these Nubbins with beards.

I still have plans to make a "Hobbit" Nubbin.  I'm looking forward to doing the furry little bare feet.  I have also gotten suggestions for a Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit inspired "Dwarf" Nubbin.  I'll probably make another Wizard Nubbin too.  It could really be Gandalf or Dumbledore!  I can market it to both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fans! I'd love to do a Harry Potter Nubbin sometime in the future too!  I have SO many ideas!
I've actually been watching the cast/director commentaries on the "Lord of the Rings" Extended Edition DVDs lately while that has provided some inspiration.

I really loved "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"! I saw it with my husband on New Year's Eve.  Part of me is happy Peter Jackson split "The Hobbit" up into 3 movies, since that means I have 2 more movies to look forward to.  The only thing I don't like is that I have to wait a year in between each movie!

I guess I'll just make little plush wizards and dwarves and hobbits in the meantime! ;)

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