Thursday, March 7, 2013

Parrot Nubbins for "Tropical Paradise" RNEST Team Challenge

I came up with a Parrot Nubbin design back in January, but I only made one and sold it not long after I made it.  So I never had an opportunity to take any "official" photos of it.  The only photo I had was an Instagram photo that I posted in a "Worktable Wednesday" blog post (and if you look closely on that picture, you can tell the stuffing hole wasn't even stitched up yet).
But the theme for this month's Team Challenge on the RNEST blog is "Tropical Paradise", and I remembered that parrot design.  So that gave me a reason to make some more Parrot Nubbins and make a listing on Etsy!
By the way, you can go to the RNEST Blog and vote for my parrot!  The poll is at the top of the right-hand column (I'm the last choice).  You don't need to register or anything...just click your choice and then click "vote" to submit your vote!

The original Parrot Nubbin was blue, but I made a green variety as well.
(I'd like to do some research and maybe do a red macaw version.  That might be a challenge, but I can probably do it!)

I dismantled a fake houseplant to stage these photos.  It was one of the only "tropical" looking plants I had around.  I do have a fake bamboo tree that we keep in the corner of our living room, but that was a little too big and awkward to move. (it doesn't get very good photography friendly natural light where it is)

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