Friday, November 19, 2010

My Mini Monster from LEFTZ!

My Mini Monster from LEFTZ came in the mail yesterday! It was a welcome little pick-me-up, since I've been sick this week.

I think I'll name him Boris. (don't ask me was just a random funny name that popped into my head). He was made from repurposed material from a turquoise faux fur pillow.. I just love him! Turquoise has become my new favorite color in the past few years. And my screenname for years has been blufuzzymonster (brownie points if you can guess why!).

LEFTZ (aka: ArtTales...aka: Mary) is one of my newest favorite plush artists. I blogged about her before back when she was doing a giveaway. I got this Mini Monster as a trade.

I traded a Silly Emoti-Nubbin for the Mini Monster. This was my first trade with an Etsy artist who was not local (she's based in Pennsylvania). All my other trades have been with local artists and fellow RNEST members. Trading with other artists is so great! I really love it.

He now has a space on the shelf in my craft room, next to my little owl from Peaches Products (which was also a trade). The other critters on the shelf are my own works that I did not want to part with.

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