Sunday, November 7, 2010

MayDay Underground (November 2010)

I had the privilege of being a vendor at the Fall edition of the MayDay Underground Crafts + Art show at the Village Gate in Rochester yesterday. I went to the first Mayday Underground event as a shopper, but when I heard they were doing a fall show, I applied as a vendor. I had a great time and it's the most successful craft show I've had to date! With over 50 vendors, it's also the biggest show I've ever done. I'm looking forward to the next MayDay show in May 2011!

This first picture (above) is one CJ took with his phone after I had everything all set up, but before the show started.

This picture is one that was taken halfway through the day. Notice how many monsters are gone?

I didn't think I would have room for my big trunk I brought to my last show, so I brought one of my smaller ones. It turns out that I could have brought the big one because one of the vendors that was supposed to be next to me wasn't able to come, so we were encouraged to spread out to make it less obvious that there was an empty spot. I was disappointed the vendor didn't show up, because I was looking forward to buying from her. She's a soap and perfume maker. I bought some of her roll-on perfume last year, and recently purchased from her Etsy shop when my first bottle ran out.

The show was Luau I made a Hula Nubbin. I finished it up during the show and after I put it out for sale on the table, it wasn't long before someone snapped it up!

There was also a local professional hula dancer that performed. She actually taught a dance to some members of the audience.

I liked the space for this show even better than the last one. It was very nice and open. There are more pictures on the MayDay Underground Flickr set.

I didn't take as many pictures at this show because I ended up being so busy! There was always a pretty steady flow of traffic at my booth, and I was making lots of sales. I did get to walk around a little bit to see the other vendors and fellow RNESTers while my lovely hubby manned the booth for me, but I never really got a chance to shop (because I didn't want to make CJ run the booth for me for too long). I kind of feel bad that I didn't end up buying anything from any of the other vendors though...because a lot of the other vendors ended up buying stuff from me!

But's time for me to sew like crazy for the next two weeks and build up my inventory before my next show on November 27th, Christmas in Medina.

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