Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Timers...

I am always amused at how attached I get to some of my monsters. And there are some of them have been around since my early days of sock monster making. When the "old timers"get sold, I get so happy. It's so funny and ridiculous that I get so happy that these sock monsters have finally found a home. Here are two monsters that were sold this weekend that are from the early days...the days before I even had a sewing machine, so they are completely hand-sewn.

Goodbye rainbow Fish-Dog!

Goodbye pink spotted Lion Fish-Cat! I always loved your sparkly green button eyes. I wish I had more buttons like those.

This is a picture from the early days (January of 2007 to be exact). Now that the rainbow Fish-Dog and Pink Fish-Cat have been sold, all the monsters in this picture are either sold, or I have kept them for myself! I kept a lot of my early creations. They are so hard to part with! Can you guess which ones I've kept? (I'll give you a hint...I kept 4 of them...and one of them was made by my husband.)

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