Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MayDay Underground Review

I've kind of fallen behind with blogging lately. I realized that I never posted about Mayday Underground, which was two weeks ago!

I got there early and was #6 in line to get a free "Swag Bag"... a cute little handmade bag with a few little goodies donated by some of the vendors.

These were not the swag bags (the swag bags were smaller) But I had to buy one of these tote bags. For $1...I can always use another tote bag. Especially one with a cute design on it that promotes a local indie craft show!

I loved the space they had for the show. I thought it really fit that "indie" vibe. It was gritty and industrial. I loved it. (although the low lighting made taking pictures without a flash difficult...that's why a lot of these pictures are a little blurry. I'm stubborn and hate using a flash.)

I liked this booth with the monsters (surprise surprise, right?) The guy makes the plush monsters and the girl does paintings of them. The original painting and plush were sold as a set. They also had prints of the paintings. I never thought of doing paintings of my monsters. That could be an experiment.

I was glad to finally meet John of Jackbear Stamps. We've communicated online before and were both a part of the First & Last: Arts & Craft shows Spot Coffee used to host, but always missed each other. I would be at the show on Friday or Saturday, and he'd do the show on a Sunday. It was good to finally meet face to face. I want to get a custom stamp of my KiraArts logo from him.

Latherati made some lovely perfumes and soaps in scents that were "inspired by books". I bought a roll-on perfume called "Beguile" based on "The Other Boleyn Girl" that has essential oils of rosemary, spearmint, and lavender in it. (Did I mention she's based in Rome NY?...my original home town and where my Grandma lives!)

Vicki of In My Head Studios was there too. I've met Vicki before at the First & Last:Arts & Crafts show. She also had her stuff at Moonflower. She makes jewelry out of dominos and Scrabble tiles. I traded her a bunch of wooden dominoes I had for a necklace that I ended up giving Mom for Mother's Day. I love using the barter system among fellow crafters!

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In My Head Studios said...

Thanks for showing off my table! It was hard to take pictures in there for me, too! The dominoes you gave me are lovely!! Thanks again! I hope your mom enjoys her pendant! xoxo