Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lilac Festival 2010

I went to the Rochester Lilac Festival with my mom this morning. It's a tradition for us. We try to go every year. We went early today to try to beat the crowds (and the rain that was supposed to come in the afternoon).
The craft show was fun. Mom and I have certain vendors that we go to every year. Today I wanted to get another dress from a clothing company called Blue Gecko (I bought one last weekend when I went to the festival with my friends from church). I wish I'd taken some pictures of the booth and clothing, but I was too busy shopping for a dress. After I bought my dress, Mom ended up buying the same dress I did (Aww! Mother-Daughter matchy matchy-ness!)
Mom and I were also planning on going to the booth of Scentastics, an essential oil vendor we buy from every year. But we were disappointed to find that they weren't there this year! We can order from them online but Mom and I said today "you can't smell over the internet!"... and smelling the oils is half the fun! Our going theory is that the festival was scheduled later in the month than usual (at least one of the weekends usually falls on Mother's Day weekend), so the vendor couldn't make it (they're from Vermont). I took the picture below to help me remember what oils I already have!
We stopped at the Turkish Culture Center booth and Mom had some Turkish coffee... (I passed. I don't drink coffee.)

Turkish coffee is made by boiling very finely ground coffee and sugar...

Then when it is served, the grounds settle to the bottom of the cup.

We also each had our silhouettes hand-cut. The artist offered to do them as a demonstration, with no obligation for us to buy them...but they were so gorgeous that Mom bought them for me. She has 2 hand-cut silhouettes in her house, one of her in the late 70's and one of me in 1985 when I was 3 years old. And she thought it would be cool for me to have this to hang in my own house.

Can you tell which is me and which is my mom? How can you tell?

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