Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Presence on the Patio in Review...

I know what you're thinking..."That picture doesn't look like you were on a patio!"
Well, the weather wasn't nice enough for us to have the event outside on the Shirt Factory Cafe's patio. It was a gusty, blustery day all day, and the wind would have turned our canopy into a big kite and sent all our various wares flying across the street. Plus it was cold and rainy later in the afternoon. So outside wasn't an option.

Thankfully, when I was freaking out earlier in the week about weather reports predicting a rainy Saturday, my husband had suggested that we ask the cafe if we could use their large back room as a backup that we could still have the event and not have to cancel in case the weather was yucky. What a smart guy! (I'm so glad I married him!)

He's always very helpful and supportive when I do these shows too. He helped rig up the rope lights other stuff. I don't know what I'd so without him. :)

Here's my table (yay!). I think I like this setup the best out of any I have done before...because I have never set up my table the same way twice. I want a banner with my KiraArts logo for the front though.

My Mom came and we set up a mini-table for her to sell her cards. She is still recovering from surgery, but is doing very well. Spending the day together at the show, and then going to dinner afterwards was how we celebrated Mother's Day.

My friend Char ran a table with a free craft for the kids. I taught her how to do the coffee filter flower craft.

My friend Rachel (Char's daughter) was my partner in crime in organizing this event, and she and a friend did facepainting.

Rachel turning our friend's son, Micah, into an elephant...

Our other friend's son, Matt, wanted to be an elephant too.

This "alien" monster Matt picked out was one of CJ's favorites. I suppose I should make more monsters with eye stalks.

Matt's sister Emily picked up this monster and walked around hugging him the rest of the day. She was so cute! She loved that monster so much! I'm glad she picked him. I made him a long time ago and he's been in my Etsy shop and was even at Moonflower for a while, and no one ever wanted I'm glad he has a home now.

And I found out that the facepainting girls started doing paintings of the monsters!

So cute! This picture is of a fellow vendor's daughter. She is so sweet. After both Presence on the Patio shows, during teardown/cleanup, she asked me if I need any help when I'm packing up.

These two 12-year-old girls came to the Presence on the Patio show we had back in December. I remember the girl in the hat had green hair then and she was the one who bought the Cheshire Cat pillow. They (and their mom) bought a lot of stuff, including some of my monster-ear hats, and were my best customers! I think I may be starting a fanbase in Medina!

Despite the nasty weather and having to have the event inside, this turned out to be my most successful craft show ever. I said the same thing about the show in seems each show I have turns out to surpass the last. I can't wait until the next show! I'd like to plan one for the Fall. I've had people ask if we'll do one in the summer, but I think I need a break. Plus, there's enough craft shows during the summer. I don't need to add another one into the mix.

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