Monday, May 31, 2010

Pets on the Porch

My pets love the porch. I think it's because it's the next best thing to being outside. Terra especially likes it because we decided to keep her inside cat for her own safety (being right on a busy road), but her natural instinct makes her want to go outside so bad! (and we always want what we cannot have!) With the weather being nice lately, we keep the front door open and spend a lot more time out there.

One of these days, I saw Terra stretched out on the floor and I decided to take some pictures of her.

But then of course, jealous doggy Luna had to butt in for some attention.

Terra got annoyed and relocated to the rocking chair.

One of her other favorite places is the sock monkey pet bed my mom bought for us, since she knows how much I love sock monkeys. Mom bought it originally for Luna to use, but Luna is slightly too big for it (Plus, when we first brought it home, Luna thought it was a stuffed toy she could play with, and she tends to destroy stuffed toys with her rigorous play.)

But, seeing the cat sleep in it must have given her a clue, because I found her like this one day! Mom says it looks like she's tackled the sock monkey from the Kia car commercial.

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