Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Spools" by Abby Try Again

I came across this image by photographer Abby Try Again via the second storie blog today...

I LOVE this photo of vintage spools of thread. It's gorgeous. I'd really like a print for my craft room. There is a giveaway at a blog called Poppy & Leo where one of the prizes is a 8x12 print of this photo. I entered it, but there are 200 more comments besides mine. Of course, I have won a giveaway it could happen. ;)

Even if I don't win, Abby is having a clearance sale until this Sunday (May 9th) I can still purchase the print for $15.00.

I think I remember Abby from the second storie indie market show I went to back in December...she was out of business cards, so she just wrote her name & info on the back of one of her small prints and gave it to me. The print was of a jar of colorful crochet hooks or something. I remember thinking that was so sweet of her, because essentially, she gave me a free print!

**EDIT:** Yes, it WAS Abby Try Again that gave me that print. I found the picture when I went home last night. They're not crochet hooks. I think they're hand-dipped candles...

I didn't win the giveaway. Bleh. :/

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