Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming soon in 2008...the Craft-A-Day project!

I had a thought as I was surfing the various craft blogs I find online as a result of checking out the Craft: blog...
Instead of always looking at everyone else’s crafts and thinking that I should do my own, I should take a cue from the Skull-A-Day blog, and create a blog to dedicate myself to actually making at least one craft a day…whether it be a monster (like those I've made in the picture shown), a painting, a drawing, or some other crafty thing…even if it’s just a knitted/crochet dishcloth or a flower barrette. I think I will even make a scrapbook page or home improvement projects count...just some sort of artistic creativity or productivity.
My goal is to consistently make at least one craft and post a picture on this blog every day for a year.
This blog will "officially" start on January 1st 2008 as a New Year’s Resolution. (Although I may give a few "bonus" posts before then).

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