Saturday, October 6, 2012

Custom Order: 2 Zipperump-a-zoos

Did you know if you do a Google image search for "Zipperump-a-zoo", a picture of one of my plush versions is one of the first images?  This is how a mother found me and sent me a message on Etsy, requesting me to make 2 Zipperump-a-zoos for her daughter.

The back-story is quite delightful...
"My 2 1/2 daughter was first introduced to the character in my childhood book "little monsters bedtime book." The last page of the book, and a line we repeat at her bedtime, is "good night, sleep tight, don't let the zipperump-a-zoos bite". Since then we got her a copy of Prof. Wormbog and the search for the zipperump-a-zoo. She started calling my husband Professor Wormbog, she's "Little Laff", her younger sister is "Kerploppus" and I'm "Croonie". She goes on Zipperump-a-zoo hunts and finds them eating our shoes!"

This is why I photographed them in one of my favorite shoes.

I find it funny that even when I make two "identical" items...they still have a bit of a difference to them.  That's part of the appeal of handmade I suppose.  I can't make 2 items exactly alike if I try!


Steve Finnell said...

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The Quilted House said...

Love the backstory!! How awesome that she found you.

Katherine said...

I went to look for "Prof. Wormbog and the search for the zipperump-a-zoo", it must be out of print because the only prices on Amazon were rediculous. Luckily it looks like my library has a copy, so we will check it out!