Thursday, July 24, 2014

Letterpress Drawer Decor

This past Saturday, I helped my mom tackle the epic task of cleaning out her craft room.  She gave a lot away. I brought 3 big polyfill boxes (the ones that hold 10 lbs worth of polyester stuffing!) and we filled them all with stuff to donate.  2 boxes went to Craft Bits & Pieces, an awesome thrift store for craft supplies in Fairport NY.  And 1 box I brought to the MAAC Thrift store.  But of course, I got to bring some stuff home for myself.  It was like a free garage sale! One of my favorite things I brought home is this letterpress drawer.  I've always though they were cool and have seen them used in home decor before in magazines and online.  So I was psyched to have my very own. Last night, CJ got hardware to hang it on the wall and we've both been having fun deciding what we can display in there... and I'm filling in the blanks with my vintage thread spool collection!

I like that I finally have a good spot to display all the cool little things I have around... especially the things I've gotten from local artists I've met at craft shows. There's the "Spike Troll" and carved heart spool from Wonderful Whittlin', the felt bunnies from Moya Lazy Factory, my domino pendant from Cloud9 Jewels, my Minion peg doll from Sweet Whimsy Designs, and my felt mouse from Lumpy Buttons.  

There are 3 mice and 3 aliens in this picture.

The figure drawing model looks like a zombie.  I hate zombies, but it was the only way to make him fit in the space.  Plus it makes me giggle.

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FoundProdigalDaughter said...

I love how you have everything displayed, the letterpress drawer is very cool for showing of fun little treasures.