Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unofficial Homeschool Art Class: Bubble Drawings

I did this project with my friend's kids while I was babysitting them last night.  I was inspired by this blog post I found via Pinterest.
Top: Elijah (age 9), Lula (age 5), Laurel (age 3)
Bottom: Carlie (age 7), Liam (age 8), Kira (age 32)

The blog post said they did it with oil pastels.  I decided we'd try to experiment with different mediums and see which one worked best.  We tried crayons, chalk, and the oil pastels... and I see why the original blogger chose oil pastels, because those ended up working the best.

I've kind of decided I'm not going to be doing an official homeschool art class this year.  I want a bit of a break.  But I'm also giving myself the choice to change my mind later.  Who knows, I may get the itch later in the year.  So if I do end up doing art class at all, I definitely will be using this project in a lesson.  It's a good way to teach about reflection and transparency.  And we'd use nice black cardstock instead of the black gel-pen notebook paper!

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