Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas In Medina 2014

Thanksgiving weekend is always a bit of whirlwind for us due to having a booth at the "Christmas In Medina" celebration that's always on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Either we're driving back from visiting my husband's family in Cleveland, or switching gears from hosting Thanksgiving at my house. But it's a nice local show for me, so it's worth it!

My usual spot outside the old Bent's Opera House...on the corner of Main Street and West Center Street in Medina.

Braving the cold, as usual! I always figure more people are more apt to shop when I'm outside because I have more visibility being out on the sidewalk (instead of in one of the indoor spaces inside one of the empty shops). Plus, there's no booth fee if you opt for an outdoor space! Again...worth it! I just make sure to bundle up and have some hand/toe warmers on hand.

My mom being silly while trying to stay warm...

Snuggly monsters waiting for a home!

Raccoon Nubbins.

Trying to encourage people to support small business (and handmade) on "Small Business Saturday".

Having fun with sidewalk chalk and the "Shop Small" & "Shop Handmade" slogans...

The view of our cars and my booth from the 3rd floor of the Opera House.  We're acquainted with the mayor, and some mutual friends of ours were in town, so he was showing them the inside of the building. I had to man my booth so I didn't get to see it (mom hadn't gotten there yet), but my husband got to get a mini tour of the third floor of the building, which is where the Opera House stage was. He made sure to take some pictures for me...

There are people trying to revive and restore the building back to its former glory.
"In 2010, Bank of America, the building's last commercial owner, donated the Bent's Hall property to the Orleans Renaissance Group, Inc. (ORG), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing arts and cultural programs to the greater Medina community. Leaders of ORG hope to restore the Opera House to its former glory as a functioning performance venue." (excerpt from Wikipedia)

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