Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Living in the Living Room

Well, after months of working on it, our living room is coming together...and we actually want to LIVE in the living room. We're still working out some of the kinks (likethe air conditioner seen in the picture being put away for the winter) But it's very cozy. My husband and I want to spend every free minute of our time in there now! And I'm going to be proud to show it off to my family when we host Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year.

So...should home improvement projects count as a "craft"? Well, at the least, the stenciling on the wall is pretty artsy/crafty. I'm going to count it.


Melissa said...

it looks awesome! I wish I had your talent!

MamaShark said...

Nice room. I love how you decorate. I hope you feel better soon. Would you like to go with me tomorrow morning? Sat 9:00 card making class/workshop?

Keep taking those meds.