Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scrapbooking & Digital Print Hint

I somehow got 20 free digital prints from Creative Memories last week, which when they arrived this week, sent me into a scrapbooking phase today.

It's surprising how many pages I can get done (not counting titles and journaling) when I get into a good scrapbooking phase. The pictures on the large pages are from when I had my hair appointment for my hairdresser and I to figure out what to do with my hair for my wedding. The smaller album is my "Anniversary Album", and the pictures are from our first anniversary. We went to Virginia to a Rennisance Festival, and then to Cleaveland where we went to the zoo and got to pet stingrays.

I also figured out a trick for getting more pictures for your money. I go into a picture editing program and place two pictures in a file and save those two pictures as one image. Then when you get your digital pics printed...voila`!...two pictures for the price of one. This also works well for scrapbookers if you want your pics smaller than the standard 6x4, but don't want to mess wth ordering a bunch of wallet sizes. Plus, not a whole lot of waste with cropping. This is what I did with the stingray pictures seen above.

Pretty sweet huh?

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Melissa said...

Thats an awesome Idea! I never thought to do that! :) Thanks Kira!