Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wishing for a Crafty Christmas

SO much to do...so little time! The only thing about crafting presents is that while it is cheaper for your wallet, it makes up for it in the time it takes. Going out and buying a present is so much easier! My new year's resolution is to start thinking about Christmas early enough to make/craft everyone's Christmas presents next year!

At least I am using the presents I'm giving to the kids in my life (church kids & my nieces) to infect them with craftyness (the good, creative kind...not the sneaky kind). I decided to make clothespin doll kits for the girls.

The kits include:

3 old style round clothespins
3 different kinds of yarn
3-4 different scraps of fabric
3 different colored pipe cleaners
1 mini bottle of glue
1 mini sewing kit
1 clothespin doll stand

I originally wanted to put the ingredients in a glass mason jar, but realized that a glass jar wouldn't be the best idea for kids, so I got $1 mini-stockings to put everything in. It was either that or those plastic take-out boxes they have at AC Moore.

At a loss for craft idea gifts for boys, I bought them foam plane making kits from JoAnne's. I know...what a cop-out. It's hard to think of manly crafty things for boys to do without parental supervision that won't leave them burned or bleeding.

I'm planning on making a Fiona "sock ogre" to give to the little autistic girl I work with, since she LOVES Shrek. We'll see how that turns out. I have the materials for it, but I need to get started soon so I can give it to her on Friday. I hope she likes it. I wonder if she'll realize who it's supposed to be.

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