Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blankets squared

Here's the finished blanket that started with that first square I did at my grandma's house!

It's a baby blanket...although not a very big one. I've been told it works for an infant blanket or just a security blanket. I have one friend who just had a baby last week, and two more friends who are pregnant and due in May and June. But evwryone is having boys...and I tink this blanket looks too feminine to give to a boy. But I'm all about making squares now and am working on another blanket with some browns and blues (I'm really drawn to that color scheme lately!)

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Shannon said...

Very nice... good job. Granny squares are addicting... you can really rip them out quickly and they are very portable since you can make them smaller. I just stick them in a zip loc and move on to the next one.

I made a nice boy blanket from blue and silver once.