Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Art Lesson with Little Kids: Foam & Felt Fingerpuppets

I bought one of those foam & felt fingerpuppet kits at one of my last visits to Joann's, and decided to use it for the little kids' craft project this week.

I was lucky I got any pictures this week though. I think I overestimated how much the little kids would be able to do without help on this project. White glue (whether "school glue" or "Glue-All", like I bought) can be frustrating when using it on anything non-paper or 3 dimensional. And with felt, it tends to just soak into the fabric and then not stick like it's supposed to. So every few seconds one of the kids was calling for me to help them... mainly the younger two. The older two seemed to take most of their issues in stride. I ultimately decided to reinforce certain parts, like the antennae and wings, myself with hot glue. If I ever decide to do this project again (the kit has enough pieces to make 12 fingerpuppets) I need to find a better glue, yet one that is still kid-friendly. The instructions in the kit called for a "low temperature" glue gun. I may have to look into getting one. Yay for the amateur-art-teacher learning curve!

Ultimately, I think the kids had fun...and that's what's most important.





Pictures they drew during "free drawing" time.

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