Thursday, September 15, 2011

RoboBox Stencil Art

I don't have a recap of the Kids' Art Class for you this week, because I cancelled it. One of the kids was out of town, plus I've been wanting to rearrange the "classroom" (aka: my dining room). But I can share a project I want to do with them at some point.
Last week while catching up one of my favorite blogs, Ohdeedoh, I came across a post about these interchangeable stencil sets. I thought they'd be a cool project to do with the kids, but didn't think I'd actually order them for myself. I shared the link on Facebook, where my husband saw it and decided to order all 3 sets for me! They came in the mail 3 days later.
This is the "RoboBox" set...

Each set has 3 stencils...the "head" shapes (yellow), the "face" shapes (blue), and "accessory" shapes (red) which in the RoboBox set are mostly antennas.

The set comes with its own super fine-tipped markers, but there are only 3 of them, and they don't look like they'll last for too I've been using my fine-tipped Sharpies.

The sets are designed for drawing just the heads, but CJ and I have tapped our creativity and utilized the shapes to make bodies, arms, and legs too. (The top robot is CJ's...the bottom one is mine.)

My Robot #1

My Robot #2

CJ's Robot #1

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Francesca DeCaire said...

My boyfriend is a robot from the future! At least that's what he says to our son. I love robot one!