Monday, February 18, 2013

Button Rings!

I got these cool button rings last week from my friend & fellow RNESTer, Erin of Sunshyne Silverwear.  She's the one who made my recycled spoon pendant necklace (which you can see a bit in the picture below) and she's recently started making these wire-wrapped button rings.  And we know how much I LOVE buttons!  I had to have one! (or two!)

Erin had shared the tutorial on her Facebook page last month and my DIY tendencies were tingling, telling me I could make some myself, since I had access to the tutorial...but I just am not much of a jewelry maker and wasn't interested in dealing with buying the wire and the tools involved and messing with the wire-wrapping.  And Erin was already making them and had some I liked, so I decided it would be SO much easier to just get one from her!  

Plus, I found that Erin was interested in doing a trade!  So we did a swap!  Even if she hadn't been interested in trading, the rings are very reasonably priced at $8.

*Photo courtesy of Sunshyne Silverwear

Here's a look at some of the other rings she's done.  You can actually see the two I have (both are the second from the in the first row, the other in the third row).

She isn't selling them in her Etsy shop yet, but she told me that they will be available at her booth at craft shows.  Here's her show schedule for the year so far if you want to catch her.  You should also check out her website and sign up for the newsletter she's recently started if you're interested in any deals, coupon codes or specials she's running (she has one right now that involves the button rings!)  Go "like" her page on Facebook too!  She just hit a milestone of 600 fans! (I'm halfway behind her with 300!)

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Erin Gursslin said...

thank you so much for posting this Kira!! You totally made my day. :)