Thursday, May 29, 2008


Mucho kudos to my co-worker Sue for the bag of socks she said I could have! Kudos as well to my other co-worker Carrie who gave me a few pairs of socks as well (and toesocks nonetheless!).

Then I cleaned out my own sock drawer for socks who are either past their prime or just never get worn. I have soooo many soooocks! I am not allowed to buy any more monster making fabric until I've used up at least half of the socks I have!
I can't wait until school ends (for anyone who doesn't know, I'm a teacher's aide at an elementary school) Only 3.5 more weeks (June 25th is my last day)! Then I'll be freeeeee to be craftyeeee all dayeeee! And then maybe this can turn into a daily blog instead of a semi-weekly/whenever-I-feel-like-it blog.

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