Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Repurposed men's shirt to toddler dress

Okay, I'm supposed to be buckling down and cleaning my house right now, but I need to post my most recent craft. I'm so proud of myself...I actually made a dress today. Granted it's not like I made it from scratch. It's more of a "repurposing" of a previous garment (specifically one of my husband's old button-down shirts). I got the idea from this link.

I decided to do something different witht he sleeves and crocheted them instead of sewing them. Here's a detail shot of the crochet embelishment on the front.

Darn, I forgot to get a picture of the back! And I already gave it away to my friend Rachel for her little girl. I'm sure I'll get to take pictures of it on her sometime. And I have plenty more shirts to use to make more. This would be a good type of thing to put in my future Etsy shop. If anyone is interested in one, give me a holler.

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Melissa said...

That is SO cute!