Monday, August 31, 2009

Terra Update...

I realized that in my post for Terra, I didn't get to include any pictures of what her siblings looked like (because I didn't take any. I was just so enthralled with Terra). I took pictures yesterday. Here's a picture of one of Terra's siblings. I'm not sure if it's a brother or sister, if it's "Jack" or"Ginger" (as the little girl at the farm has named them)...the other two kittens look really similar, but the grey on this one is darker than the other.

The kittens' favorite hide out is underneath the air compressor in the barn. I'm curious if that's where Stripe had them and so that's where they consider "home".

I was told yesterday that Terra is eating solid cat food and so is ready to go whenever I'm ready! I still need to get cat paraphanelia (food, food dish, parents are giving me the litter box from when they had cats). I'm hoping to bring her home sometime this week.

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