Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Closing Day!

As of a few minutes ago, the hubby and I are officially home-owners!
We are packing up what I've packed so far into the truck and my Dad's trailer and taking it out to the house today.

I'll be staying out there during the week to unpack, while CJ works on packing up the rest of the apartment. It's going to be a nice, gradual moving process. There's no rush to get out of our apartment...we have the rest of August to get everything out.

We're also being given a couch, a lazyboy recliner, a rocking chair, and an upright freezer from various friends. And my grandma is letting me have a table that was salvaged from the house in the Adirondacks (I just need to take the 2 hour drive to go pick it up). So I'll have a little bit of furniture while CJ works on getting the rest of our stuff out there.

We own a house! YAY!

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Kasey Johnson said...

That's awesome, Kira! Congratulations!!!!