Friday, July 31, 2009

Playing in Mom's Garden (again)

Ahhh...excuses to get out of the house AWAY from the stress and monotony of packing! (have I mentioned before how I hate packing?)

Yesterday, I went over to my parents' house to "play" in my Mom's garden. On the 4th of July, I started putting in these wood discs (cut up from stumps) in Mom's garden path. Before, there was only dirt there, and plants and weeds would grow in it (and then people wouldn't use the path). So I took it upon my self to help Mom put in a rustic "sidewalk" through the path using those stump pieces.

Well, I didn't end up finishing it on the yesterday I worked on it until the previously cut discs were used up. But the problem was, I didn't have enough to finish the path! Enter Dad with the chainsaw!
The stump he's cutting up was one of three stumps I had at my wedding. We used them as a "table" for the unity candle...
We'd originally obtained the stumps from Mom & Dad's neighbors across the street, who took down a tree in their front yard the spring before we got married. I'd had the idea to use tree stumps as a part of my rustic, celtic, medieval theme for the wedding... so when we were watching the neighbors take down their tree, we asked if we could have three pieces of it to use for the wedding. Dad leveled them off with the chainsaw (I think that's where the older discs came from) and we used them at the wedding.
The stumps have been laying in Mom's garden for the 3 years CJ and I have been married. Now they'll lay in Mom's garden in a different way!

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