Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Modeling Again

I had another day today where my husband "kicked me out" of the house for the day in order to force me to forget about the stress of moving/packing and to have some fun (is this going to be a weekly Tuesday thing until we get moved?) And so after wandering Old Navy and JoAnne's, I went for a drive and went over to my friend Ashley's house. She's into photography, and she likes using me for a model (I'm told I'm photogenic)...and she's been wanting to do another photo shoot lately. So we went out in the field by her house and took some picures...

She took a series of photos of me laying in the grass. the overcast sky was too bright for me to keep my eyes open, so I kept them closed (which she said was okay). As we reviewed the pictures later, I was joking with her that I look dead...but really, I think I kind of look too content to be dead. Sleeping maybe?

You can go check out her photography blog to see the rest of the pictures.

She mentions that I look like Snow White with my light skin and dark hair. Oh!...I should have had an apple for these pictures! That would have been perfect!

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