Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Keep Packing...

Here's a glimpse into my world lately...the reason my posts have been less frequent...

I've been PACKING.

Our closing date for the new house is in less than a week (next Thursday). So I've been doing almost nothing but packing lately (except for when my lovely hubby forces me to take a break for the sake of my own sanity). My creativity has been very limited due to the fact that I'm focusing on packing up my craft room...henceforth I'm packing up my craft supplies.

The picture above shows a box I just packed, and that weird "Free Your Mind" collage thing on the top is my high school sketch book (I'm such a sentimental PACK RAT!). Too bad I just taped up the box or else I could take some pictures of some of the pages for some blog fodder. Oh well. Be patient with me. I will be making monsters again as soon as we get moved in. I really miss making my monsters.

Next weekend we will take what I've packed so far out to the house (kitchen, bathroom and craft room), and then during the week I will be staying at the new house with Luna, doing some unpacking while CJ packs up the remaining stuff at the apartment.

Ever get that feeling when you've been doing something for awhile...feeling that although you seem to have spent SO much time on this task, you've really not made much progress? I kind of feel that way right now. Although I've made a signifigant dent in the craft room and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I think once we actually get some of the furniture out of the apartment it will feel like we're really moving.

I should stop procrastinating and go back to packing.

~sings like Dory the fish from "Finding Nemo"~ "Just keep packing...just keep packing...just keep packing packing packing...

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