Sunday, August 23, 2009


Our friends' half stray, half domesticated barn cat they affectionately call "Stripe" had 3 kittens recently. Last week as we were walking to the truck, our friends' little girl comes running up to me to show me one of the kittens (she knows I like cats). As we were driving away, CJ says "I wouldn't be adverse to taking one of those kittens if they are looking for homes for them". So today I looked at all the kittens and this grey one was my pick.

We've decided to name her "Terra" (as in the latin word for "earth") since our dog's name is "Luna" (latin for "moon"). We figured we'd continue with the latin celestial bodies theme. We are such geeks!We introduced Terra (formerly known as "Doughy") to Luna today as well. No issues. We think Luna was even trying to groom her! The whole reason we have to get a kitten instead of an adult cat is because adult cats have preconceived negative notions of dogs, and will tend to lash out when Luna just wants to play. Then after the unpleasant experience, Luna will growl and bark at this animal that's just scratched her.

But Luna gets along with Terra very well so far since Terra is too young to have developed those dog fears, and too small to act on them if she is scared (the poor thing was shaking like a leaf when I first brought her up to Luna). I think they'll get along fine. The next thing will be to see how my parents' big, but docile Rottweiler, King, will react... and how the kitten will react to King!

She's still nursing though, and is too young to be taken away from her mother, Stripe. So it will be a couple weeks before we can bring her home.